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After graduating in Latin & Ancient History from Exeter University in 1983, I  spent several years working in BBC Television on everything from live television at No.10 to the Domesday Project (remember that?) and a spell in Children’s Programmes, as well as Drama Series & Serials and Science & Features.


I moved to North Yorkshire where I began to throw myself (often literally) into archaeology and started my award-winning writing and public speaking career.


I love to share history through teaching Latin and Classical History, community archaeology projects, writing books and articles, or presenting in person, on-line, in the media and on tours and cruises to demystify the past - I aim to open our eyes to see that it’s all around us, if we just know where to look ...


“But what use is Latin and Ancient History?” is a question I am frequently asked, to which my answers were, and are, many and varied but which nearly always include the concept "because it's FUN!".


For history and archaeology are all around us. We see it every day of our lives and use Latin and classical echoes all the time, often without even realising it - and it can be great fun. Honest. And it’s a privilege to be at the cutting edge of unearthing and sharing muddy history when I’m out on community archaeology sites or major international sites too.

You can find out more on:  - not just a guided tour ...    

About Me

Author, historian, archaeologist and public speaker of considerable experience and range,

I specialise in providing passion, colour and depth to the present by visiting the past


– whether it be through books, lively illustrated talks, articles, archaeological tours and cruises, walks, community archaeology projects,

Courses and classes, media.


Ex-BBC, I’m delighted to contribute via radio/audio, film, apps or printed media

and I love meeting you in person at events too.



As Author, Writer, Tutor, Presenter and Public Speaker at events, in the media, on tours and cruises etc, I work as a freelance independent self-employed professional.

I am co-director for Visiting the Past Tours.


You can also read more about me in Stephanie Ferguson’s interview of me

in the Yorkshire Post’s magazine  (May 2011)

YP 19 May 2012 Page 1.pdf

Click above for Page 1

More to follow ...

‘Visiting the Past Tours’ is the trading name of Hovell & Dent Ltd

 Registered Address: Rays Farm, Smelthouses, Harrogate HG3 4DJ,  Company No: 08315220



Visiting the Past

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