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The MuddyArchaeologist’s Blog


All of my books take you on a voyage of discovery, leaving you seeing the world around you in a new way


Visiting the Past: Finding and Understanding Britain’s Archaeology

Roman Britain    A glossy pocket guide

Latin Yesterday, Today & For Ever    Publication tba

A History of the Mediterranean - work in progress






Why not run an on-air series on ancient history or the ancient civilisations of the Western World?

Ancient history and archaeology are more visual than you might imagine, and it deals with something dear to everyone’s hearts: just what is it to be human and to live in a society?


Experienced in local radio, national radio and in presenting film


Contact me by email to discuss concepts, requirements, schedule and rates.

Tel. 01423 203516    Mob. 07860 637301

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Booking now for 2017 and 2018

Courses available as Study Days or 2 or 3-day events

Exploring a wide variety of aspects of Greek and Roman art, how they developed and how they still influence us today.


Click here for a full leaflet of available NADFAS talks.

Trips and multi-day Tours can be arranged in the UK and Europe


Contact me by email to discuss your requirements, dates and fees.


Tel. 01423 203516    Mob. 07860 637301






Whether for your society, company or group,

Enjoy a day of varied sessions giving you the context, the ‘big picture’ and the close up detail of


  Ancient History

   Archaeological sites locally, in UK and beyond

Please contact me (email or phone 01423 203516 / 07860 637301) to discuss wide ranging options,

and your requirements and budget.














Ancient History   Prehistory - the Greeks -  Romans - Ancient Britain

Latin   Taster & Full courses

Latin Grammar (beginners, intermediate, advanced)

History of the Mediterranean - Roman History - Roman Britain

Pliny the Elder - Ovid’s Metamorphoses - Cicero, the Man  - Lucretius

Classical Literature: Meet the Authors

Archaeology - Britain, Europe, the Mediterranean

Prehistory - Roman - Greek - Mediterranean Civilisations

Art & Artefacts

NADFAS - Study Days & Trips - Books - TV & Radio - Resources


Email me      Tel. 01423 203516  Mob. 07860 637301


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We all need a helping hand to get a grip on the vast range and depth of Ancient History.

Click below to explore the Muddy Archaeologist’s Resources Pages on

Prehistory and  Classical Civilisations  and  Classical Literature :


Books (ancient and modern)

TV, Film & Radio sources of information

Useful websites

Archaeological sites

Recent Discoveries & News

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I shall ALWAYS reply.  


Cruises & Tours -  Courses & Classes  -  Talks / NADFAS

Study Days & Trips  -   Books -  Articles

TV & Radio  -  Interviews  


Email me      Tel. 01423 203516  Mob. 07860 637301


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Tour/Cruise Organisers







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Autumn 2016 Courses with the Muddy Archaeologist



Look Forward to an Autumn Treat

A timely notice of exciting courses with the Muddy Archaeologist next term

Book your places now!

Or phone me, Gillian Hovell, ‘The Muddy Archaeologist’ Tel. 01423 203516 Mob. 07860 637301


Come and join me and let me share my expertise and passion with you.

Choose from a greater-than-ever selection of courses

Latin Next Steps – Roman Satire – Pliny’s Natural History

Archaeology of the ‘Dark Ages’ – Shakespeare’s Classical Allusions

See the world in a new way – find vibrant colour and fascinating depth in our lives today by digging deep into the past



Latin ‘The Next Steps


Only very basic knowledge required. If you have even the most basic and most rusty Latin and even if you’ve forgotten it all, then this is the course for you. Fun, friendly – and absolutely no tests or homework


7.15 – 9.15pm Thursday evenings

at Rossett School Adult Learning Centre, Harrogate


£110 for ten 2-hour sessions


8, 15 Sept, then 20 or 27 Oct (tbc), 3, 10, 17, 24 November & 1, 8, 15 December 2016


Join me for a course that’s full of Latin All Around Us.

We shall get to grips with verb tenses and other grammar and Latin we use every day


Book now!

Or phone me, Gillian Hovell, ‘The Muddy Archaeologist’ Tel. 01423 203516 Mob. 07860 637301


Course Outline: Latin Course Intermediate 2 2016




Roman Satire


In a time full of modern political and social satire, we discover how Satire has been around since Roman times. You may find that life hasn’t changed that much after all …


Sex, corruption, murder, violence, greed, gender issues … as one Roman playwright put it, ‘there’s nothing that can be said that hasn’t been said before’


10-12 noon Wednesday mornings at The Old Deanery in Ripon

7, 14, 21 September, 26 October, 2,9,23 November & 14 December 2016


£120 for eight richly illustrated 2-hour sessions

Free car parking available in the hotel forecourt


Quick Glimpse: Latin Ripon Satire Autumn 2016 flier         Course Flier


Book now!

Or phone me, Gillian Hovell, ‘The Muddy Archaeologist’ Tel. 01423 203516 Mob. 07860 637301


Pliny’s Natural History

How the Romans saw the world and themselves in the AD 70s


Pliny’s great work views nothing less than

Choose from 2 venues/parallel courses: 10-12 noon Mondays Christ Church in Harrogate also 1.15-3.15pm North Stainley Village Hall


5, 12, 19 September, 24, 31 October, 7, 14, 21, 28 November, 5 December 2016


£120 for ten richly illustrated 2 hour sessions


Course Outline: Course Pliny the Elder Natural History Sept 2016


Book now!

Or phone me, Gillian Hovell, ‘The Muddy Archaeologist’ Tel. 01423 203516 Mob. 07860 637301



Archaeology: Exploring our Ancient Past :    The Dark Ages / Early Medieval Britain


The ‘Dark Ages’, Anglo-Saxons & Vikings all brought to life by archaeologist, Gillian Hovell, ‘The Muddy Archaeologist’


2.00 – 3.30pm Wednesday afternoons in the Old Deanery Hotel in Ripon


26 October, 2, 9 & 23 November, 7 December


Great Value! Only £45 for five richly illustrated 1½ hour sessions

Free parking in the hotel forecourt



Quick Glimpse/Course outline: Dark Ages Course Ripon Autumn 2016 flier


Book now!

Or phone me, Gillian Hovell, ‘The Muddy Archaeologist’ Tel. 01423 203516 Mob. 07860 637301


Shakespeare’s Classical Allusions

In the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death, discover fresh perspectives on his great plays


Enabling you to enjoy and appreciate those Classical allusions – instead of skipping them!

Dates and venue are yet to be confirmed, but if you would be interested in such a course,

please let me know

Tel. 01423 203516 Mob. 07860 637301



For more details about the course itself, contact me  Tel.01423 203516  Mob.07860 637301














Ovid’s Metamorphoses – Classical Mythology

2 venues/times to choose from:

         Mondays 10am-12 noon Harrogate    from 11th January 2016  

       Mondays 1.15pm-3.15pm North Stainley  from 4th January 2016

This richly-illustrated course will look at Books 8-15 of this great work.  

New starters welcome

Ten 2-hour sessions  Course fee: £110    


Roman Archaeology – Exploring our Ancient Past

Wednesday afternoons 2-3.30pm

at the Old Deaneary in Ripon  27th Jan – 24th Feb 2016

Following the great success of our Prehistoric Archaeology course this autumn term, I can now offer an exploration of Roman Sites (Roman Britain and beyond) through an archaeologist’s eyes.

Five 1 ½ hr sessions.  Course fee:  £45    



Cicero, the Greatest Orator: Meeting the Man

Wednesday mornings 10am-12 noon from 4th January 2016

at the Old Deanery in Ripon     Ten 2-hour sessions.  Course fee £110.  


Always happy to start up any of these or others as a new course near YOU.  

Minimum numbers for a new course: 15

Archaeology (Prehistory, Greek, Roman), Ancient History (Prehistory, Greek, Roman), Latin language,

Latin texts such as Pliny’s Natural History, Ovid’s Metamorphoses,

Lucretius’ de rerum natura … Ancient Art & more.

Browse for a taster of the topics we explore on our courses …


Mini Courses available:  One-day Study events, 3-day courses, one-week courses

Contact Gillian Hovell  01423 203516  Mob. 07860 637301  Email me   






Cruise from Venice, down the Adriatic, to Sicily and on to Pompeii and Rome on the Aegean Odyssey

Book now with Voyages to Antiquity

To join us and enjoy extra lectures and the Muddy Archaeologist’s company on sites,

it is essential to request joining the ‘Muddy Archaeologist’s Group’ at the time of booking.







The Saga tours I’m lecturing on this year include