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The MuddyArchaeologist’s Blog


Need a lively and enthusiastic knowledgeable guide for your day to Hadrian’s Wall?  Or to the British Museum?  

Or a session in school before your trip to ‘set the scene’ and bring it alive for the pupils (and yourselves)

Ancient History, Archaeology and Latin all made relevant and dynamic - it will change the way you view the modern world!


Please contact me (email or phone 01423 203516 / 07860 637301) to discuss your requirements, budget and a range of options.





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Literary festivals, literary teas, library events, writing groups, book groups, author visits  ...



Published books include


Visiting the Past: Finding and Understanding Britain’s Archaeology  Opening eyes to see history and archaeology all around us. You’ll never look around you in the same way again!   £12.99.


Roman Britain    A glossy pocket guide giving a great, short overview of Roman Britain, the conquest and occupation, events, sites, personalities and legacy.  Only £5.99


Latin Yesterday, Today and For Ever  traces the rise of Rome and its effect on future millennia.  Publication date to be announced


A History of the Mediterranean - work in progress



Contact me by email or tel. 01423 203516  Mob 07860 637301 to discuss talks, events and tours relating to these books.




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Museums trips, fund-raising events and talks, Literary Teas, Careers Events, theme days  ...


I’m experienced at all these (and more) and will work with you to provide exactly what your pupils, staff and audience want.



Contact me by email or Tel. 01423 203516  Mob. 07860 637301

to discuss topic, requirement, dates & fees




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Talks can be booked for classes and students, or for adults (staff, governors or guests at an event).

What do archaeology, ancient history and/or Latin tell us?

How do we find out what they tell us?

Why does it matter?  Or even, does it matter?

It’s not just dry and dusty ancient history, archaeology trenches and memories-of-school Latin;

It influences us today and shapes our modern lives; it’s alive and around us all in our modern daily lives

And I can inspire your audiences to see life in a new, vibrant way.

And I can teach them tricks of the archaeologist’s trade so that they can find wonder in the world they live in

Ex-BBC, I can promise you a professional, lively, engaging talk for your audience.

Reliable, providing quality and history with humour as well as an accurate narrative and thought-provoking insight.  


Digging Deeper into History to Provide Colour and Depth to Life Today


Contact me by email or Tel. 01423 203516  Mob. 07860 637301 to discuss possibilities

Or to book a talk and discuss theme, dates & fees

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If you’re looking for a speaker to inspire your students, someone to train and inform your staff or governors, someone to entertain at your event for students or parents/guests, then look no further.

Latin - Ancient History (Classical & Prehistory) - Archaeology

workshops, classes, talks, study days, even tea towels!


With experience at both primary and secondary schools, I can work with you to provide the outcome you need.  Romans, Greeks, Ancient History, literacy by exploring the ancient stories behind our English words, Archaeology too ...    Let me get your pupils really ‘into’ the ancients by showing them that we still have much in common with them ... (but not the gladiators or slavery, thankfully!)


I can provide single sessions, but why not make a day of it:

    explore the words we use in English (be amazed at the stories behind their Latin and Greek origins) and learn a little Latin (speak as the Romans did!);     

   talk to a real live archaeologist and find out just how many astonishing things we do and work out and explore what we might and can find on Roman sites;

    imagine yourself as a Roman living in a Roman town like Pompeii - where do you go, how do you spend your day, what do you eat ...?;


Liven up your curriculum activities and have a chat with a real live author - what do we do all day? You’d be amazed ...


Contact me by email  or phone Tel. 01423 203516    Mob. 07860 637301

To discuss how I can help your pupils gain a new dynamic to their education, your staff inspiration for ancient history, literacy (all bound up with Latin’s influence on our words) and the multi-skills learned by exploring archaeology.


Relevant and engaging, On-time, accurate, professional, courteous.  

Passionate & enthusiastic, history with seriousness and humour, and to a high professional standard


Dedicated to sharing archaeology, ancient history & Latin in person, in the spoken word, in the field, on-line and in the media.


Contact me by email or tel. 01423 203516  Mob 07860 637301 to explore what you want and to make bookings


Professional, independent public speaker  diverse audiences, locally, nationally and on tour

Ex-BBC Staff  (committed to entertaining as well as educating and informing)

Independent lecturer of courses in Ancient History & Latin for 14 years.  Making archaeology, ancient  history and Latin fascinating and relevant to our lives, changing the way we see the world.

Commissioned Lecturer on cruises & tours (UK & the Mediterranean) for companies such as Voyages to Antiquity cruises and Saga Specialist Holidays, & director/lecturer/guide of own archaeological tour company, Visiting the Past Tours.

11 years’ experience hands-on in the fields of community archaeology  - leading, informing and sharing with the community and beyond.

Latin & Ancient History BA(Hons)

Author with 10 years’ writing experience  Published author & varied magazines inc. regular contributions

Award-winning  writer  (British Library/RHS International Writing Competition)



Cruises & Tours -  Courses & Classes  -  Talks / NADFAS

Events - Study Days & Trips  -   

Books -  Articles  - TV & Radio  -  Interviews  


Email me      Tel. 01423 203516  Mob. 07860 637301


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Kids’ Page


Workshops and classes

I’m experienced at all these (and more) and will work with you to provide exactly what your pupils, staff and audience want.


Contact me by email or Tel. 01423 203516  Mob. 07860 637301  

to discuss topic, requirement, dates & fees


Workshops & Classes

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Specially for ...

Teachers / Schools



National Curriculum based Workshops

digging deeper into Ancient History

with an archaeologist

& enhancing literacy skills by spending a day with a published author

Email me      Tel. 01423 203516  Mob. 07860 637301


Ancient History   Archaeology  -  Literacy  -   Latin


Schools Learning Programme Workshops

Why book me? - Events - Talks

Study Days & Trips - Literacy/Books




Why book me?

Contact Me

I shall ALWAYS reply.  






Talk/Event Managers



Ancient History




Tour/Cruise Organisers







Go on and explore


Special Pages for

Search these workshops below .

All workshops and historical skills can be adapted to suit your school’s theme/s.  British Values and Citizenship are added value in many of these workshops.


At Home in Prehistory

How and why did houses change from the Stone Age to the Iron Age.

What was it like to live in them?  What did they have in their houses and how our own homes are different

History, Science

The Muddy Archaeologist has excavated Stone Age, Bronze Age & Iron Age sites.


Unearthing Britain’s Prehistory: How to be an Archaeologist

Children gain a knowledge and understanding of how life changed through Britain’s prehistory, and they explore the skills archaeologists need to make these finds and to interpret the archaeological evidence.

History, Science, Citizenship


Living Together: the first communities in the Stone Age

People first lived in settled communities in the Stone Age, 5,000 years ago.  By looking at Skara Brae and the Stone Circles and temples that they built nearby, we learn what archaeologists have found and what were the challenges of first living together and how did the benefits make it worthwhile?    

History, Science, Citizenship

The Muddy Archaeologist was an active archaeologist of Orkney’s Stone Age Ness of Brodgar temple site.


Living Together: Ancient Civilisations

If you’re studying the ancient Sumerians, Egyptians, the Indus Valley or the Shang dynasty of Ancient China, we explore what (and how) archaeologists know about these cultures and what’s needed to set up an ancient civilisation.

History, Science, Citizenship


Ancient Greeks Live on!

By looking at our lives today, our British Values and citizenship as well as the stories and films we enjoy and the shapes of words we use every day, children will discover the amazing legacy that the Ancient Greeks have given us.

History, Science, Citizenship


Writing History and Historical Fiction

Author, Gillian Hovell (‘The Muddy Archaeologist’) share what we need to know in order to write history-based non-fiction and we see how this changes when we write historical fiction.




One-to-one Teacher Training

2-hour sessions providing knowledge and skills for National Curriculum

Prehistory.      Subject areas: History, Science,

Ancient Civilisations around the world  Subject areas: History, Citizenships

Ancient Greek

Literacy - Latin & Greek shaping of words

ALL these can be tailored to provide links for your schools’ themes for the year and for the topics of British Values, Citizenship


The Muddy Archaeologist provides vibrant interactive curriculum-based workshops that will provide valuable material for many of your school’s themes.  From the Stone Age to the Ancient Greeks, these early cultures provide valuable material for topics such as citizenship and British values.

‘Muddy Archaeologist’ workshops build historical skills by digging deeper within the classroom into prehistory and the ancient world; changing eras, lifestyles and the evidence they left behind are explored and add knowledge and insight into chronologically secure history, historical terminology, cause and effect, science and scientific enquiry, speaking and listening.

Or invite that Muddy Archaeologist to share with your school as a published author; enhance literary skills and inspire children to stretch their writing skills in both non-fiction and fiction.

Experienced in delivering both ancient history and archaeology, and also Latin and literacy to schools.

Based in Harrogate, I am well placed to serve all North Yorkshire schools

Fees guidelines: £260 per day up to 20 miles radius from Harrogate.  An additional £20 will be charged for every extra 25 miles from Harrogate