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Let’s get in touch and discuss possibilities - What can I do for you?

Courses & Classes  -  Talks /NADFAS   -

Study Days & Tours  -  Books -  Articles  -  TV & Radio  -  Interviews - Resources  - For Schools


Revealing Latin’s place all around us in our modern lives

Email me      Tel. 01423 203516 / 07860 637301


Choose the course that’s right for you!     


Richly illustrated   -  lively  -  interactive   -  friendly & sociable  -  eye-opening


Courses regularly in Ripon, Harrogate &  North Stainley

Contact me to book a place - Contact me by email or tel. 01423 203516 Mob 07860 637301


10 weeks £110 per person  

All sessions 2 hours with refreshment break


Contact me to set up a new course near you:  


5 week Taster / Starter Course     

10 week The Basics                    

10 Week Advanced                         

For everyone - join a class, start a class, run a class for your society/group

Friendly & interactive   -   No homework -   No tests or exams

Just fun and discovery!   Mixed with plenty of Ancient History nuggets!

Courses already running in Ripon, Harrogate & North Stainley            New Courses welcome

Other related courses are available:   

Please contact me to enquire about /start up a course

All courses are fully and richly illustrated with high quality images


Illustrated History of Rome  From the Foundation to the Fall  - Rome as the Romans saw themselves   (10)

Greek and Roman Art & Artefacts:  (16)

Curriculum vitae:  The Life of a Roman  (10)

Ancient History of the Mediterranean  - and how the Romans saw it(10)

Roman Britain -  A Roman Point of View  (10)

Mythology : An Introduction (6)

Ovid Metamorphoses  - 15 books (17)  (2 terms) Mythology & Roman culture come alive!

Pliny the Elder  Natural History 39 Books  (10)





‘as informative, entertaining and enthusiastic as I had been led to believe.’


‘never having done any Latin

I found it very approachable, stimulating and fun!’

‘It’s all fascinating!’


‘It’s a





Latin Word

of the Moment



Add depth and meaning to your event and theme!


Explore the stories behind the words you use every day

Every group, society or company owes a debt to Ancient Rome and Latin!


Enjoy a romp through your past and add colour to your profession, hobby or dailly life!


Contact me or phone me 01423 203516  Mob. 07860 637301  to discuss dates and rates and to book me for an engaging, lively talk


Popular talks on Latin are:


Latin Yesterday, Today and For Ever

Journey through the centuries as we explore how and why Latin is still with us today - and why it adds depth and meaning to our modern lives


Latin All Around Us  Tailored especially to your event, we explore the stories behind your own group’s vocabulary


What’s in a Name?  Latin names of flora and fauna demystified and brought to life


There are many other talks available on Archaeology and Ancient History


A special set talk designed to reveal the power of Latin and the impact that the Ancient world had on our modern art world.

What did the Romans Ever do for Art? Richly illustrated, as always, we discover the origins and stories of words we use when we discuss art, and we see how the Ancient Greeks and Romans influenced our art through the ages.

 Focussing on the development of art through the ancient world, we explore their lasting legacy.



Many other lively, professional and engaging talks are available on a range of art-based topics, including archaeology, prehistory, and Greek and Roman art.

Of course, these talks are available to all societies/groups/companies


Contact me by email to discuss your requirements, dates and fees.  

or Tel. 01423 203516    Mob. 07860 637301


Enjoy a day of three very varied sessions that discover how Latin reached our 21st century,

how it is all around us and how, with a little help, you can translate inscriptions for yourself.


Or take a tour to a Roman site and find out how much our modern life - and the vocabulary we use - owes to the Romans.


Contact me by email to discuss your requirements, dates and fees.

or Tel. 01423 203516    Mob. 07860 637301



Roman Britain   An easy overview of Roman Britain, its history, sites, personalities and legacy.  

Only £5.99

Visiting the Past: Finding and Understanding Britain’s Archaeology  A perfect guide to opening our eyes to the history that is all around us.  £12.99

Latin, Yesterday, Today and For Ever  takes us through the ages, bringing the Romans to life and adding depth and colour to our modern life.    Publication date to be announced.






Looking for something different for your magazine or journal?  

Playing with words is a concept for the ideal lightweight article, either as a regular sound-bite or as a longer article that develops the concept of the origins of the words you and your readers regularly use.


Tailor-made for your readers, articles on the origins of our words and the stories behind them are ideal ways to catch the eye.


Contact me by email to discuss your requirements, deadlines and fees.

or Tel. 01423 203516    Mob. 07860 637301





Latin is the basis for so much of our English language.  There are stories that reach back to the Romans behind so many of our words.

It doesn’t have to be ancient to have tales of Latin and the famous Romans behind it ....

Whatever your programme topic, there’s a wealth of stories behind it - celebrity chefs and cookery, education, any and every science, the media, history itself ...


And what of our Literacy in schools and adult life?

Latin is making a comeback in schools.  Why?  And why does it matter?


Contact me by email  or phone Tel. 01423 203516    Mob. 07860 637301

to have a chat about how Latin can liven up your programme!




Cruises & Tours -  Courses & Classes  -  Talks / NADFAS

Study Days & Trips  -   Books -  Articles

TV & Radio  -  Interviews  


Email me      Tel. 01423 203516  Mob. 07860 637301


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Want to know more about the world of the Latin speaking Romans?

Join or start up a course on Latin & the Roman World

Come to a talk, or book me to give a talk,

join or organise with me a Study Day or a day trip

Find out more about Classical Civilisations in the Muddy Archaeologist on-line Resource Pages


Books (ancient and modern)

TV, Film & Radio sources of information

Useful websites

Archaeological sites

Recent Discoveries & News





Add a passionate voice and a lively face to your story.  

Looking for someone to comment on topical issues?

Or to make that ancient tale or archaeological story into a relelvant and engaging item for your readers, listeners or viewers?

The Muddy Archaeologist can promise you energy and enthusiasm, as well as experience and professionalis.

Contact me by email to discuss your requirements, schedule and fees.

 Or Tel. 01423 203516    Mob. 07860 637301  to have a chat





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Literacy is boosted by exploring Latin and the roots of our English words

I can help to inspire students and teachers alike ...

KS2, KS3 & KS4


Contact me by email  or phone Tel. 01423 203516    Mob. 07860 637301

to have a chat about how Latin can really boost your pupils’ literacy




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