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The MuddyArchaeologist’s Blog

I am currently working on


Latin All Around Us - Why the Romans Still Matter Today


And       A Mediterranean Tour   ...

(Why not join me on a luxury cruise with Voyages to Antiquity in October 2016

While I revisit and research some of the ancient world’s greatest sites in and around the Aegean !)


Other plans include the following and I would be delighted to hear from any publishers or agents who would be interested in working with me on any of these:



    And much more ...





In addition, I was the Editor of the Dacre Pasture Project's Final Report, published in 2004.

And collaborated on Nidderdale Iron - A Forgotten Industry with Jim Brophy, Mark Haley and Michael Thorman.


Roman Britain (Crimson Publishing, 2011)     £5.99

A glossy, pocket-sized guidebook to the events, personalities and sites that bring to life the story of the Roman invasion and occupation of Britain - a story that was 400 years in the making.  

User-friendly and easy to read, it’s the perfect companion for a trip to Roman historical sites or for a spot of armchair travelling through time.  


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Amazon review  By Mr. G. Johns VINE™ VOICE

I discovered this booklet when I was asked to read and review it's sister: Kings and Queens, for the Amazon Vine programme. I am an avid amateur historian (and currently reading history for an Honours Degree in the hope I can be a professional historian) and have a fascination for the Ancient Roman Empire, especially when Rome ruled Brittania, and this booklet covers almost every thing to do with Roman Britain, both during and before Rome came on the scene. Well worth purchasing and carrying in in your pocket whenever venturing out to visit Roman sources.


5.0 out of 5 stars Handy overview of Rome's impact on ancient England 9 Oct 2012

By Joseph M. Reninger - Amazon Review


Roman Britain provides a nicely compact overview of Ancient Rome's impact on England. It covers the history from the initial Roman invasions by Julius Caesar (54 BC) and Emperor Claudius (43 AD) to the final release of Britain as a Roman province in 410 AD. Pre-Roman England was an illiterate land. The population was spread out into tribal farm communities. The empire provided towns, education, culture, and security to the conquered Britons. Also, roads and commerce provided vast improvements for the lives of the locals as well as wealth for the conquerors This all lasted until the barbarian problems in Europe required the removal of the troops from England, leaving it to the Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings who soon moved in.

The book also reviews the various towns, forts, villas, and other sites that can be visited today. The condition of the sites and the important things to see are described succinctly. It's nice for us to read about sites we've already been to, like Hadrian's Wall and the Chester ampitheatre, and is an inspiration to visit new places, like the Fishbourne Palace and Bath. It even provides a top ten list of Roman finds, most of which can be seen at the British Museum.

This book is a handy guide to Rome's impact on Britain and for places to go and see the classical history of Britain.





Visiting the Past: A Guide to Finding and Understanding Britain’s Archaeology (2nd Edition.  The History Press, 2010)     £12.99

Take a virtual walk through all of Britain’s history, from man’s earliest steps here to World War II in this lively and jargon-free book. Explore Britain’s national and local sites from the monuments and ruins that are all around us and discover that archaeology is everywhere and for everyone as Gillian exposes the stories behind the landscapes we live and work and move in.  You’ll never look at an empty field, ancient ruin or old buildings in the same way again …


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Amazon rating:  5.0 out of 5 stars Just what I needed  By Hans R. Bichsel  

Gillian Hovell claims that you may never go for a walk again and just admire the view - history will accompany you all the way. She is spot on. Soon it makes you want to find out more about one or the other aspect of archaeology or a particular site. This is not a book for the book shelf. Keep it where you can see it and access it whenever you feel like. If you are new to archaeology this is what gets you going.




Fellbeck: Not just a Road, a Bridge and a Pub    £10.00


A limited print run of this wonderfully illustrated book on Fellbeck in Nidderdale.

Packed full of old photographs as well as all-colour images of surviving archaeology and historical sites, this is the result of years of fieldwork and research by the Fellbeck Heritage Group of which I was an active member during its work.


Buy now by email  or by PayPal


The Iron-Age (Nidderdale) Project - Mining and Smelting in Dacre and Darley        £12.00

Out of stock

This paper (produced jointly with Jim Brophy) follows the Project’s presentation at the Northern Mines Research Society in reeth 1-3 October 2010, and it has now been published in their anniversary ‘50 Years of Mining History’


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